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Bill Bradley and Betty Sue Flowers speak with John McPhee, whose first book,  A SENSE OF WHERE YOU ARE: BILL BRADLEY AT PRINCETON, in 1965, profiled the former basketball player. On the right is 

Editor Robin Desser, Literary Agent Nicole Aragi, and Fiction Finalist Valeria Luiselli before the awards ceremony.

Bookiewer and novelist Charles Finch accepts the Balakian Award for Excellence in Reviewing.

ER BODY ANNBCC Board MemberDaniel Akst introduces Carmen Maria Machado, recipient of the John Leonard Prize for her short story collection, HER BODY AND OTHER PARTIES.

Bill Bradley and Betty Sue Flowers

Carmen Maria Machado, winner of the John Leonard Prize for the best first book in any field.

Stacey Vanek Smith introduced John McPhee, who had been 

  • NBCC Non-fiction nomine Masha Gessen and her editor

Editor Vivky Wilson and her nominated author Howard Merkel

Daniel Akst, NBCC Board Member

Charles Finch, NBCC Board Member and Winner of the Balakian Award for Excellence in Reviewing.

NBCC Board Members Walton Muyumba, Mary Ann Gwinn and Chalres Finc before the Awards Ceremony

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